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Tips to working out without Sweating out your Hair

If you scroll your social media feed, you will most likely see a video of someone doing squats or twerking. Both require a strong back and good knees, and both will make you work up a sweat. The bottom line is that you shouldn't have to choose between your body and your hair.

Before a workout, wear a headband or satin scarf. A headband will keep your hair in place and soak up the sweat from your hairline. We recommend Lululemon or a Nike headband specifically made to keep your head cool.

Choose a protective style.

If you are wearing your hair straight, pull it into a ponytail. If you are wearing a wig or extensions, keep it in braids during the workout. You can also try flat twists or turn that ponytail into a smooth bun and pin it in place. Using a satin scrunchie to hold your ponytail in place is also recommended; this avoids creating dents or crimps in your hairs

After workout 1. Don't take off the headband right after your workout. Instead, allow the headband to soak up the sweat along your hairline and leave it on while you cool down. 2. Blow dry your hair on the cool setting, to cool down your scalp and gently dry your hair. Do this while you smooth your hair back into place. 3. Use the Design Essentials Peppermint Aloe (sold in our salon) to refresh your scalp in between workouts.

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