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I started my journey as a hairstylist and entrepreneur in 2014, it started off as a side hustle because I was out of a job and needed to provide for my son and I.

I didn’t know how far it would take me and how many opportunities would arise.  I was faithful on the path God has for my life and trusted him to guide me in the direction he saw fit for myself and my son. I’ve been blessed  to work among celebrities and be trained by well known hairstylists.

I opened Beauty Lounge by Lex in 2017 because I wanted women to have a luxury experience like no other. I wanted to provide quality hair extensions and a memorable atmosphere. In 2019 I received an influx of bridal requests, and ran into a problem I wanted to fix.

Women that couldn’t find a reliable stylist to style their hair on one of the most significant days of their lives, their wedding day.I grew to love the artistry of being a bridal hairstylist, and I’m excited to meet all the women the amazing women that will cross my path.

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